SRQ Bal Masqué Performance Partner Preview: Sarasota Cuban Ballet


On October 4, 2014, the Sarasota Cuban Ballet will join SRQ Media as one of the performance partners for our highly anticipated Bal Masqué gala. Of the partnership, SRQ Bal Masqué Event Producer Ashley Ryan said, “We are all looking forward to an elegant evening to enjoy the performances of incredibly talented artists in our community and raise funds for local charities. It is such an honor to have the SCB performing again this year. This is a company that I hold very dear to my heart! I cannot wait to see what they have in store for our guests this year!”

To get a preview at what is in store for guests at Bal Masqué, SRQ Media’s Client Development Manager Ashley Ryan, Marketing and Accounts Development Director Kelly Christiansen, Production Assistant Chase Spicer and Advertising and Events Assistant Chloe Weber stopped by a rehearsal and dove into the world of pirouettes and tutus at the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School.

The act on hand was a rehearsal of the Sarasota Cuban Ballet’s August 1st performance “On Stage with Sarasota Cuban Ballet School” at the Sarasota Opera House, the same venue the school will wow our guests at during Bal Masqué.

As time progressed throughout the rehearsal, more and more dancers filed in wearing full costume. Routines suddenly became longer and music became more dramatic, as we were transported to the front row seats of a professional ballet performance. It is almost hard to believe that these dancers aren’t even out of high school yet.

photo 2

“Everything they do is fantastic, and they are all 18 and under,” said Ariel Serrano, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Sarasota Cuban Ballet School. “This is as close as you can get to professionals.”

Besides the astounding level of talent, the most refreshing thing about watching this rehearsal was seeing the amount of love and encouragement present between the students and teachers. When an individual or couple had the floor, every instructor in the room was attentive and continuously giving pointers and praise. Likewise, the room filled with clapping when whoever was dancing nailed a difficult move.

photo 1

These pictures can not fully capture the amazing balance of elegance and stamina of these talented performance artists. Click to watch our :30 behind the scenes video for a peek of these talented performers in action! 

Join SRQ and the Sarasota Cuban Ballet on October 4th > Get Your Ticket to Bal Masqué.


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