SRQ’s Backstage Pass With Summer Circus Spectacular

Chloe Kelly Christian5

On Tuesday, June 24, 2014, Kelly Christiansen, Marketing and Accounts Development Director, Chloe Weber, Advertising and Events Associate, and Chase Spicer, Production and Video Associate, visited the Summer Circus Spectacular, presented by The Circus Arts Conservatory and The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

SRQ Media and The Circus Arts Conservatory are teaming up on October 4, 2014, for SRQ’s Bal Masqué Gala, where performers of all ages and disciplines will provide world-class entertainment for partygoers all night long.

After the performance, the team received a backstage pass to meet with three of the amazing acts of the day: hand balancer Christian Stoinev, aerialist Dolly Jacobs and Comedian, Circus Clown Chris Allison. They gave SRQ the inside details on performing at events and the element of surprise.


Kelly Christiansen: Can you tell me your thoughts on the element of surprise? How does it make a party more dimensional?

Christian Stoinev: For me, I think it is awesome. One time, I was performing at a dinner club in New York, and the singers of “What Does The Fox Say” were there to perform as a surprise to the people. But we as the performers didn’t know either. All of a sudden we were like ’What?” Everybody hates that song, but I was into it. So performance-wise and audience-wise, I think surprises are really cool.


KC: So we’re getting excited for our event, and I was wondering how performing at an event is different than performing here [at the Historic Asolo Theatre].

Dolly Jacobs: I don’t do a lot of events, but when you do things outside of your venue, every hair on your body is on alert. You look for things that aren’t normally there. It’s dangerous, and people don’t know it, but you just try to make it look easy.

A few years back, we did a Christmas party in a foyer in Atlanta. It was a big business building and the foyer was over 100 feet tall, and there was a 90-foot Christmas tree and crystal chandeliers hanging everywhere. That was really scary because of the hanging point of the straps. The higher you are, the slower you go around, and the lower you are, the quicker you are because you’re closer to the hanging point. So this place was 100 feet and I went to run and I went out because it’s so high. I almost hit the tree. I had to just tip toe. So that was an experience and you don’t know until you get [to the event].


 KC: Everything in your act has to do with the element of surprise; no one is expecting what you’re going to do. Tell me about the element of surprise at a party.

Chris Allison: I feel like the whole circus, itself, is tremendous for something like that. You have Dolly, the beautiful woman, and she goes up and does her stuff and everyone is talking like ‘Oh my gosh, look at that.’ Then you have me trying to give my comedy angle to it.

We look forward to seeing performances like these and more at Bal Masqué! Tickets are on sale now at



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