SRQ Media Group Welcomes Phil Lederer, Staff Writer


Born in Texas but raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Phil graduated from Centre College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. From there, he earned a master’s in public administration with a focus in political philosophy from Morehead State University. Phil spent a year living in Chicago, pretending to be hip, before returning to MSU for another master’s, this time in government. Classes complete and thesis pending completion, Phil left the academic bubble and the Dark and Bloody Ground for Sarasota to work with SRQ. The deadlines and volume of writing are similar, but now people actually read what he writes.

As SRQ’s newest Staff Writer, Phil spends his time covering the arts and culture beat for our portfolio of publications as well as reporting features and departments in both SRQ DAILY and SRQ Magazine. A lover of Nietzsche and Nicolas Cage, Phil dreams of the day when genetic engineering can fuse the two into one whirling mass of psychotic energy and eloquent rage, ostentatiously mustachioed with a dashing widow’s peak. An avid reader, Phil enjoys and is inspired by the works of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Cormac McCarthy and James Ellroy.

Phil aspires to be the first resident Martian reporter on the premier space colony hopefully named after Woodrow Wilson.


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