SB2: Regional Conservation and the Environment


On Thursday, May 15, SRQ magazine hosted the next event in its 2014-15 series of SB2 symposiums on regional collaboration in the environmental conservation industry. This gathering of top regional leaders throughout Sarasota and Manatee County generated synergies on efforts both counties are making to support conservation, science and research to protect the environment and preserve the our area’s natural surroundings. During the discussion, panelists shared their insight on a substantial mix of topics, including the sustainability and longevity of our environmental-based programs and organizations, the increase in “green” building and construction throughout our area, and the synergy between environmental conservation, our community and its residents. The audience received a collaborative mix of perspectives from panelists Dr. Michael Crosby, Christine Johnson, Julie Henry and Steve Ellis.

Two of our panelists provided some great feedback on the event:

Christine Johnson, President of the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast: “Today’s discussion on the topic of conservation was good because it touches our lives in ways most are not cognizant of.  The SRQ SB2 discussion on Conservation connected the dots between our environment and the economy, ecology, health, and beauty of our region.”

Steve Ellis, Co-founder of “The discussion generated great conversation about the benefits of conservation from several angles—environmental, economic and aesthetic—and how to engage the community to take action and support organizations that are attempting to improve regarding what Sarasota has to offer in open spaces, healthy water and sustainable building practices that support all of us that get to live in and enjoy this special place.”

The next event in the 2014-15 series of symposiums, SB2: Surverying the Political Landscape, takes place on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at IMG Academy Golf Club (11:30am-1pm). Tickets are $35/person and available online at (ticket price includes lunch buffet). For sponsorship opportunities contact Ashley Grant at 941-780-2008 x204 or We look forward to seeing you there!


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