Happy Holidays From SRQ!

On Monday, December 23, we celebrated the holidays with a pot luck brunch in the office. We enjoyed our meal so much that we decided to share our menu with you, just in time make some final additions to your brunch menu. Have a wonderful holiday week and a happy New Year! We can’t wait to share the January edition of SRQ magazine with you and start off 2014 right.

Ashley Ryan’s Bittermilk Mimosa
Light and floral with Champagne, OJ and a hint of Elderflower   
Ashley Ryan’s Breakfast Casserole
Comfort food recipe with Sage Sausage, Eggs and Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Pat’s Crustless Quiche Lorraine
A traditional quiche recipe with Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomato 
Jacob’s Corn Casserole
A secret recipe that only Jacob’s wife knows
Jay’s Meatless Jambalaya
A Caribbean Jambalaya recipe with Onions, Bell Peppers and Shrimp 
Wes and Lisl’s Chicken of the Office
A delicious Roasted Chicken brined, basted and ready to be enjoyed 
Ashley Grant’s Rum Cake
A family recipe that uses a bottle of Dark Spiced Rum, Whipped Cream and homemade Brown Sugar Prailines

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