SRQ’s New Partnership: Food Trucks and Guitars!


SRQ’s Hot List couldn’t have been as hot without the collaboration with Suncoast Food Trucks, which provided some great eats on the streets for guests. What’s just as impressive is that Andrew Seely, owner of Suncoast Food Trucks, purchased 5 out of the 11 guitars for sale at our Hot List silent auction. That’s pretty cool of him! SRQ’s photographer, Evan Sigmund, got some stylish shots of Andrew with the guitars, who also provided some great feedback on the event. “We had a great time at Hot List. It was a lot of fun. We are excited about having collaborated with SRQ, because it helped familiarize people in the area who didn’t already know about the array of offerings supplied by Suncoast Food Trucks,” stated Andrew. “We now have people from the Hot List event that are either hiring us for catering or that are actively seeking out the trucks at lunchtime. “

Suncoast Food Trucks will display the Hot List guitars in glass cases on the walls of Commissary Supply of Sarasota when they open new Food Truck Hub in December. Look for collaboration between SRQ and Suncoast Food Trucks in the future.


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