De-constructing the Construction

It’s hard to believe that within the next few weeks, our office renovation will come to end, and our dream office will be a reality. Officially beginning back on August 7, Rock Solid Construction completely dismantled our office space and re-built it into a spectacle of grandeur that months ago seemed like just a vision. While it feels like the process was quick and smooth, Rock Solid VP, Nikki Taylor, breaks it down and shows that it’s not as simple as it all may seem. “One might assume that you just send in the swing-a-hammer brigade, but construction is a bit more complicated than that. Choosing the right people with the right skill sets takes time and know-how. The other elements that are so important are setting a timeline and scheduling; one slight alteration can completely change everything,” states Nikki. “I think that the thing that most sets Rock Solid apart from other builders is our ability to understand our client’s needs, and to successfully implement the right process to fulfill them, which ultimately ends with a phenomenal end product.”  Stay tuned for upcoming posts soon to be released about the final weeks of SRQ’s Rock Solid renovation, including behind-the-scenes pics of the finished product.


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