From the Renovation: “The cabinets have arrived!” Next stop, installation.

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A large truck rolls up outside our office, and then a loud knock at the door; at the same time, the phone rings. On the line is Karen Mckeivier, senior designer at CabinetScapes, a local kitchen and bath design firm that is partnering with us on our office renovation. “Did the cabinets arrive,” Karen eagerly inquires. “The cabinets have arrived,” we replied. According to Karen, “what’s exciting about the RENO project at SRQ Magazine is the idea that from the time of concept to the physical application of the kitchen only took about one week. In the past, it could take months to see your dream kitchen take its physical form. We have figured out a way to shorten this process, and for as little as a few thousand dollars for materials, we can have a quality kitchen installed using all-wood cabinets.” We are extremely excited about Karen’s team participating in this renovation project. Here are a few photos of her recent work–any guesses on which would look best in our new offices?


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