From the Renovation: HG-SRQ


We’re bringing you a little HGTV, SRQ style. Reality-show junkies will get a peek at our office space as it’s renovated, from the first sledgehammer to the last slice of drywall. No Gantt Charts here. We’re re-imagining the space organically. Once the demo settled, all that was left was a bare skeleton of a space with the most gorgeous natural light you’ve ever laid eyes on. Our fabulous team includes Rock Solid Construction’s Marjorie, Perry and Nikki and decorator Janice Robinson. Karen of CabinetScapes and John of European Marble and Granite are sourcing great product for the kitchen. There’s always someone new to meet from United Electric—David, Dan, Rick and John just got done excavating the walls to clean up decades of old wire to lay clean highways for new technology. The guest bathrooms are being gutted and refurbished thanks to Arrow Plumbing. And Josh of Native Sun Painting will be in this week to prime the walls and ceilings. Next up, Janice Robinson on merging a charismatic personality with modern vibe.

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