SRQ’s Jacob Ogles Co-hosts the Nilon Report


SRQ magazine’s senior editor Jacob Ogles is hitting the talk radio scene once a week as co-host of WSRQ’s daily show, The Nilon Report. Every Wednesday from 4-6 pm, Jacob will shake the airwaves alongside WSRQ owner, Susan Nilon, interviewing key political leaders, community activists and organizations, and discussing local business, events and philanthropy throughout our community. Jacob has appeared as a guest several times on The Nilon Report during this year’s Sarasota City Election. SRQ also forged a successful partnership covering the 2013 Sarasota Film Festival. WSRQ’s technical crew produced regular audio content from the Filmmakers’ Lounge for WSRQ and SRQ magazine’s festival blog SRQBacklot. Just last week, Jacob shared details about Paul Caragiulo’s impending departure from the City Commission to run for county office on the show. “I enjoy going on air with Susan and communicating across an entirely different medium, but the greatest part of all this is the chance for SRQ to reach a broader audience,” Jacob says. We’re thrilled to also have Susan Nilon contributing a regular column to SRQ Daily’s Saturday Perspective edition. She brings an informed and pointed perspective to our stable of columnists. Be sure to turn the dial to WSRQ 106.9 FM to catch Jacob and The Nilon Report starting next week.



  1. I am looking forward to Jacob’s participation and am used to hearing the Nilon Report at 5:00 p.m.—is the time listed a typo, or will the radio program be scheduled early on Wednesdays to accommodate Jacob?

  2. […] SRQ’s Jacob Ogles Co-hosts the Nilon Report ( […]

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