One Night Rodeo: Playing for the Hometown Crowd


In our search for local bands to headline this year’s Hot List: RETROspective, we’ve unearthed some decidedly eclectic talent–from blues, soul and alternative rock to country genres. We were lucky to catch the band One Night Rodeo performing at the new White Buffalo Saloon digs before we booked them. The main thing we wanted to know was “how does it feel to return to Sarasota-Bradenton and play for your hometown crowd?” The duo smiled, “to come back and see the same people that we grew with musically over the years and to show them what we’re doing now is pretty cool. What’s even better is to see new fans who are really engaged in One Night Rodeo and truly care about our music…” It only took one performance to hook us on their charm, and we’re thrilled that they’ll be part of this year’s Hot List experience.

For a full bio of One Night Rodeo and other Hot List musicians, visit


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